What’s the deal with First Communion?

I could probably guess your generation based on when you received first communion; when you were confirmed, some time during confirmation, fifth grade…and now third grade.  There are even some churches that give everyone communion.  The only real ‘requirement’ is that you are baptized.  The reality is, whenever we receive our first communion, it is definitely not the last time we learn new things about communion. We learn new things all the time!   At GLC we celebrate First Communion at third grade and above because we have found that this is an age where the students are more engaged and aware of things that are happening in worship, in the world and in themselves.  They learn that they will be served this gift to strengthen them for the work God calls them to do…yes, even third graders to do!  They practice this work by serving their families using the chalices they painted, serving the congregation with the bread they baked, AND serving Lazarus House by making the meal on the GLC serve date.  How does the gift of Holy Communion prepare you to serve? —Pastor Trudy