What is a good ‘faith’ new year’s resolution?

Start with an assessment of where you are.  Are you happy with your prayer life?  Bible reading?  Worship attendance?  Did those questions just make your heart beat faster?  Like every resolution we make, the temptation to go all in and see immediate results is what will end it.   Start with one thing that is easy for you to keep…a minute of silence, read the Scripture from the last Sunday each day, look at your calendar to see if a Saturday worship may work out sometime.  Make it pleasant, not a chore.  It is a gift to you to set aside time!  Invite your pastor or vicar to coffee and we will ponder with you some places to start or help you navigate questions that have you stuck.  Then watch for things that can help you…like adult confirmation or a small group or Vicar’s project (more soon!).   I’m praying for all of you! —Pastor Trudy