What happens when I don’t like the words we say in some of the parts of worship, like the confession or prayers?

Okay, so it was actually me asking this question because sometimes the words in the confession or prayers challenge me or make me feel defensive.  At GLC we purchase resources from a couple of different places where pastors and writers lend their talents to write resources often a year or more in advance for each season/week.  We could change them or write our own, just as I could pick only my favorite Bible passages or hymns…but then I would miss a chance to hear something I may desperately need to hear, to be challenged in a way I need to be challenged to grow, or if I am convinced that it is not for me, then I can trust that there is someone else in the congregation that needs to hear it.  These words may help to prepare me for Jesus’ often challenging words. – Pastor Trudy Stoffel