What do I do when I’m facing something I can’t handle?

We all face things that we can’t handle, or that overwhelm us. Sometimes the world throws things at us that are simply unfair. It is okay to need help and to ask for help. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul writes about how the church is like a body, in which all the different parts are equally important because each part of the body needs all of the others. He even declares that when one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers together! This means that we don’t need to do hard things alone. If you’re going through a difficult time, and need someone to come alongside you, contact Pastor Trudy about Stephen Ministry. If you are in urgent need of help call 988 for the The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 911 for Emergency Services. You are a beloved member of the body of Christ. – Vicar Sharai Jacob