What did we learn from the Sanctuary update survey? Pt. 1

On the worship survey we learned that our space is warm and inviting.  And we learned that it is cold and not inviting.  We learned that it is just right and shouldn’t be changed and that it is not perfect and should be changed.  Prayers for wisdom for the architects working on the plan!   But there were also good questions like, why are the worship leaders so far away and tucked behind the pulpit and lectern?  The architect who designed GLC built in chairs up front for the leaders.  At that time and for him, it was important to set the clergy/leaders apart.  There is even a little room on the north side that was the pastor’s place to get robed so he (yes it was always a he then) would be in the front as people arrived. This is not really my style so before we started livestreaming, I would sit in the front pew.  This made me feel so much more a part of worship.  When we started to livestream I found myself trapped by camera angles, unable to move freely without walking in front of a shot.  Logistically, it is easier just to stay put up front during 10:30 worship, though I do venture out on Saturday evening!  Knowing that you notice small things and that they matter to you is really encouraging to our team as we plan and lead worship and as we ponder what big or small changes we can make to our space to make it more accessible and meaningful. —Pastor Trudy