What are some good ‘faith’ resolutions?

With resolutions generally, it is good to be realistic.  You don’t need to start with reading the whole Bible.  Start with reading a book of the Bible.  Personally, I like Philippians.  Read until you encounter something challenging, particularly relevant or encouraging.  I made it to chapter 1 verse 3; ‘I thank my God every time I remember you…’  This seems like something good to reflect on in the first week of a new year.  Take something you already do every day and add a prayer to it… when you wash your face, give thanks for God’s love shown in your baptism. When you load the dishwasher or wash dishes, think of forgiveness washing away your sins and hurts.  Whatever you choose to do, keep it simple and trust that the God who can grow a tiny seed into a tree can work with what you have given as well. – Pastor Trudy Stoffel