Was the world a better place when everything was closed on Sundays and there were no sports, music or other activities?

Many in our congregation have absolutely no recollection of a time when this was the case.  For those of us who do, we probably all have different experiences of it…I was on a dairy farm where cows needed to be milked twice a day and my mom, grandma and aunts made huge meals.  The grocery store in town was open until noon so people could pick up last minute items for their Sunday meals.  Did we participate in true Sabbath rest?  I’m not so sure.  I will say that often when I find myself longing for those days, it is because people have so many conflicts that they are not able to participate in something at church or that I think is important.   That doesn’t sound like a wish for Sabbath rest but a wish for people to be busy with different things.  I think I’ll go back and read what Jesus says again. – Pastor Trudy Stoffel