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Christian(ities) 2024

Week 1 – The Bible

Week 2 – Worship & Sacraments

Week 3

Week 4

A Message of Hope: The Book of Revelation 2023

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 – video coming soon

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It’s Part of Life 2023

Jan 12  Funerals — Retired funeral director and GLC member Scott Ahlgrim will give you an overview of working with funeral homes.  

Jan 19  First Responders — Geneva Firefighter and GLC member Kevin Swanson will let you know what to expect when you call 911.

Jan 26  Funeral service planning: stories and insights with Pastor Trudy

Feb 2  Palliative Care — Laura Waldoch from Northwestern Medicine will inform us about the unique gifts of palliative care.

Mar 2  Paperwork to have in order — Steven Lemon, attorney

EPIPHANY 2022 —Why we worship the way we do

Gather January 20, 2022

Word January 27, 2022 

Meal February 3, 2022

Sending February 10, 2022

Music February 17, 2022

EPIPHANY 2021— Growing in Faith Together

What is baptism and what does it matter that I’m baptized?  January 7, 2021

What does it mean to be a disciple and who has time for it?  January 14, 2021

Who is Jesus, really?  January 21, 2021

What does it mean to have ‘sabbath’ and who has time for it? January 28, 2021

What have we learned about being a ‘virtual’ body of Christ?  February 4, 2021

Fasting for Lent- why does it matter and who has time for it? February 11, 2021