work Day

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is one of the treasures of the ELCA in Northern Illinois. LOMC offers summer camps for children, retreat opportunities for adult groups, availability to rent housing for family get-aways during the off season, and the possibility of just spending a day hiking their beautiful nature trails. LOMC is truly a spiritual and fun place.

Geneva Lutheran Work Day


for Saturday, August 27 @ 9 AM

We will be scraping and painting the Health Center ramp and steps. Sprucing up these access points will improve both safety and appearance. All necessary supplies will be on hand, just wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that can get messy. Closed-toed shoes would likely be best.

Your time commitment can be flexible. Transportation will be on your own, carpooling is encouraged. Let’s aim to arrive at 9:00 am. Families are welcome!

If anyone from GLC is a Thrivent member, and wants to create a Thrivent Action Team, LOMC can help guide that process as well.

If you plan to attend or if you have questions  contact:
Joyce Elliott 630-363-7020, joycelindahlelliott@gmail.com