How do we celebrate Mothers’ Day (or Father’s Day) at church?

Neither of these holidays has any real connection to church or worship and as I get older, I encounter more and more reasons to be thoughtful about how we acknowledge these days.  I remember being told by one woman that she avoided coming to church on Mother’s Day for complicated reasons. The very good news is that we have a Gospel that can bridge the tensions and challenges we face on days like this.  This means that we will celebrate mothers and those who have provided motherly care (even if they were never mothers) AND name the pain of those who wanted to be mothers but could not AND name the sometimes conflicting feelings moms have about their own parenting AND name the challenges of those whose mothers were absent or abusive.   All of these experiences and more will be present this Sunday in worship and I am confident that the Gospel will have a message of encouragement to us, wherever we find ourselves.  – Pastor Trudy Stoffel