How can I become more aware of the Holy Spirit in my life?

Becoming more aware of God’s presence in our lives is a goal Christians have been striving towards since Christians have been a thing! Many monks, ministers, and lay people have found ways to practice being aware of the Holy Spirit through prayer, meditation, journaling, art, music, nature, etc. Those practices are called Spiritual Practices. One of the practices that I do often is Practicing the Presence of God, where I imagine that Jesus is sitting beside me as I go through my daily routine. Spiritual Practices can do more than just help us to be aware of God’s presence, they give us an opportunity to rest and can have mental and physical health benefits too. There are many websites and books (and a group called Women in the Middle at GLC) that can help you to find spiritual practices you enjoy. The book “Just Begin” by Dann E. Winger or the website and book “Praying in Color” by Sybil MacBeth are great places to start. Happy searching! ~ Vicar Sharai Jacob