Holy Week


Palm Sunday

April 2 @ 9 & 10:30* am

Palm/Passion Sunday is the day we commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We receive palm branches which symbolize victory and peace.  As Jesus rides a donkey or colt the people spread things in the road as a sign of his kingship.  In John’s gospel, palm branches are named, in Matthew and Mark it is cloaks and branches from plants near the road, in Luke it is only cloaks.  Still, we will wave palm branches and then take them home to remind us of Jesus’ kingship and peace in our homes. 

Maundy Thursday

April 6 @ 7 pm*

Maundy comes from the word ‘mandatum’ or mandate.  The service pivots on two mandates; washing each other’s feet (serving) and Holy Communion. Washing feet is always a challenge in worship settings and our discomfort can distract from Jesus’ act in doing it.  But we will lean in, knowing that our feet are holy, too and celebrating the hard work they do.  All will be invited to participate, but those who opt out of footwashing will still be moved as we think of Jesus doing this very thing.  We move to a celebration of holy communion before removing the paraments and all decoration from the front of the sanctuary as we prepare for the telling of the crucifixion on Good Friday.

Good Friday

April 7 @ 7 pm*

We enter a darkened sanctuary in silence and listen and respond as the Passion according to St. Matthew is shared.  Music is woven in to the story to underscore the solemnity of the evening. As we approach the crucifixion, the large wooden cross takes center place.  We remain in darkness and leave in silence.

Easter Vigil

April 8 @ 8 pm* (No 5 pm Worship Service)

We gather around the fire outside and proceed into the church where we hear stories of God’s saving love from the Old Testament. We remember our baptism and then, with organ fanfare, become the first to celebrate the good news of the resurrection.  

Easter Sunday

April 9 @ 9 am & 10:30* am

*These services are also livestreamed on our YouTube Channel

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