Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lutheran? We are Christian, believing that Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do, not as a judge, but as one that we follow, who accompanies us through the challenges and joys of life, bringing new life over and over again.

Which kind of Lutheran is this church?  We are part of the Lutheran Church known as the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).  We teach that God’s love permeates everything we do.  This love comes to us in WORD (sermons, prayers, hymns) and SACRAMENT (Baptism and Holy Communion).  We don’t earn God’s love…it is a gift.  Then we live out of that love which shows up in our relationships and serving.

Can I take communion at Geneva Lutheran?  Yes.  We offer hosts (including a gluten free option) and wine or grape juice which people take by intinction (dipping).  Communion is a tangible sign of God’s love and in it we become the body of Christ.  Children who do not yet commune and adults can also receive a blessing.  God’s gifts come to us in many ways.

What can I expect when I come to a service?  People dressed in a variety of ways, from jeans, leggings and soccer uniforms to suits and dresses.  Single folks of all ages, families with children, couples before or with grown children, older, younger- in other words, we look pretty much like our community.  Our greeters try to make sure that everyone gets the door opened and a smile and/or hello.  There are folks available to answer questions if you have some but we will also respect your space and understand that you have a lot of great choices for churches.  Finding the right one for you can take time. 

How do I become a member?  After you’ve spent some time ‘church shopping’ and feel this is the right place for your growth in faith, we offer new member classes twice a year that focus on growing in faith, getting to know others and serving. 

What if I want to learn A LOT more about the ELCA?  Our denomination’s website: is full of information about our ministries in the US and around the world, social statements and history and beliefs. 

How do I connect?  The enewsletter is our main way to communicate.  We will do our best to help you connect to people with whom you may have something in common, but it’s not substitute for following your heart and trying things!  We always have new folks joining in the variety of serving and learning activities.

How do people know what to give?  Giving of our resources is an important way to participate in the organizations we value, including church.  You will not be sent a ‘bill’ for worship.  Some people give the same amount weekly, by check or online.  Others give once a month or once a year.  Some donate stocks.  The amazing thing is that all of those gifts come together to allow us to continue our proclamation to God’s work in our community.