Emergency Response

WILDFIRES OF MAUI Multiple wildfires have broken out on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Exacerbated by strong winds, wildfires on Maui have claimed dozens of lives and have destroyed homes, businesses and lines of communication. Thousands of people are under evacuation orders, some moving to other Hawaiian islands. Wildfires have also affected the Big Island of Hawaii, and the islands remain vulnerable to more fires this season.

Lutheran Disaster Response is coordinating with the Pacifica Synod and other partners to assess the needs of people impacted by the wildfires. We will work with them to provide for immediate needs and recovery amid the widespread destruction. Lutheran Disaster Response is committed to accompanying recovering communities in the years ahead.

Gifts given to Lutheran Disaster Response equip us to respond to this, and other disasters, whenever and wherever they strike. Gifts given specifically to “U.S. Wildfires” will be restricted to, and used in full (100%) for those affected by wildfires.