YouTube Sunday School in the time of COVID

Stories, crafts and songs for the week’s Bible lesson are uploaded each week to our YouTube channel. 

Children in Worship

Kids are always welcome in worship, especially for their unique energy and genuine love of life! We offer a children’s sermon, a children’s bulletin, and coloring materials to better engage our youngest ones and help them understand the Bible is for them. In addition, we also have a staffed nursery for our wiggliest worshipers whenever you need it.

Sunday School really is cool!

We offer classes for 3-year-olds through the 5th grade from September until May! Classes run during our second worship service from 10:15-11:15 am.  The children enter the sanctuary during Holy Communion for a blessing and join their families in worship for the rest of the service. Contact Christy Heins for more information.

About Our Children's Ministry

Not a ‘canned’ Vacation Bible School, but a genuine day camp experience led by students.

First Communion
We celebrate First Communion starting in 3rd grade (or older). Holy Communion is a physical sign of God’s love for all believers, even our elementary aged children. We believe our nine year-olds can experience the Good News of Jesus in their personal lives through this sacrament. We teach First Communion theology and lessons in our Sunday School education. These classes specifically will run in January and February each year during the Sunday School hour. Since Holy Communion is an important part of worship, families need to be attending worship regularly before beginning classes. Contact Pastor Trudy for more information.