Can people change their viewpoints?

This question is from a Confirmation student.

Changing your point of view can be a really hard thing to do! It takes being open to new ideas and letting go of the idea that there is only one right way to see something. Sometimes other people don’t understand why you’ve changed your point of view, and they may not be very happy that you’ve found another way to see things. When Mary got pregnant with Jesus, Joseph thought the only thing he could do was quietly call off their wedding. But, God sent him an angel to tell him that Mary’s baby was from the Holy Spirit and would save people from their sins! Joseph changed his point of view, married Mary, and cared for her and Jesus. Jesus ended up showing so many people new ways to see the world! He loved his enemies and befriended the outcasts. So, I think part of living out God’s love is being open to changing our viewpoints. —Vicar Sharai