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Here are some of our most recent sermons. If you’d like to listen to one from the past, please check out Archived Sermons.




June 16, 2019- The Dance of Trinity- Pastor Trudy


June 9, 2019- Affirmed in Our Call, Affirmed in Mission- Pastor Trudy


June 2, 2019- Life, Death, and Big Changes- Pastor Trudy


May 12, 2019- When the Holy Spirit Gives You a  Red Light- Pastor Trudy


May 5, 2019- How Do You Know if God is Calling You?-  Pastor Trudy


April 28, 2019- Reclaiming Evangelical- Vicar Denise


April 21, 2019- The Door Opens! – Pastor Trudy


April 14, 2019-Palm Sunday-Knocking on the Door of Holy Week- Pastor Trudy


The church is composed of people like…Joyce Elliott!


April 7, 2019- Shut Up and Stop Whining- Pastor Trudy


April 3, 2019- The church is composed of people like…Jeff and Lisa Cameron


March 31, 2019- We Owe God- Pastor Trudy


March 27, 2019- The church is composed of people like…Amy Steenson


March 24, 2019- We Don’t Deserve It, It is a Gift- Pastor Trudy


March 20, 2019- The church is composed of people like…Chris Diemand


March 17, 2019- God is Not Fair- Pastor Trudy


March 10, 2019- As Many Times as we are Forgiven-Pastor Trudy


Ash Wednesday- No Pretenses- Vicar Denise


March 3, 2019- Get Open- Pastor Trudy


February 24, 2019- Postures of Faith- Pastor Trudy


February 17, 2019- The Kingdom of Heaven is like…- Vicar Denise


February 10, 2019- Helpful Proverbs from Jesus?-  Pastor Trudy


February 2, 2019- Ordination Sermon for Pastor Brittany Kooi (Fire alarm free version)- Pastor Trudy


February 3, 2019- Making Faith Tangible- Pastor Trudy


January 27, 2019- Ready to Be Blessed?- Pastor Trudy


January 13, 2019- Please, Wash Hands before Returning to Work- Pastor Trudy


January 6, 2019- Picking the Glitter Off of the Wise Men- Pastor Trudy