Worship Services

Here’s where you’ll find past Sunday Worship Services.

Sunday, Worship, November 29, 2020 Hope is not Cancelled!

Sunday, Worship, November 22, 2020 Wisdom from Unlikely People

Sunday, Worship, November 15, 2020 God is Still on the Throne

Sunday, Worship, November 8, 2020 The Story of Jonah

Sunday, Worship, November 1, 2020 All Saints Day

Sunday, Worship, October 25, 2020 Bishop Yehiel Curry

Sunday, Worship, October 18, 2020 Confirmation Sunday

Sunday, Worship, October 11, 2020 Why is God Angry at a Cow?

Sunday, Worship, October 5, 2020 When God Invites Us to Join His Work

Sunday, Worship, September 27, 2020 Listen for the Heartbeat of God

Sunday, Worship, September 20, 2020 Look at the Stars!

Sunday, Worship, September 13, 2020 What is a Generous Life in Christ?

Sunday Worship, September 6, 2020 Have you Climbed a Tree Lately?

Sunday Worship, August 30, 2020 When Humans Unravel God’s Plan for Justice

Sunday Worship, August 23, 2020 Blinded by the Light!

Sunday Worship, August 16, 2020 Public Grief that Inspires Action

Sunday Worship, August 9, 2020 Unraveled Shame

Sunday Worship, August 2, 2020 Unraveling of the Mind

Sunday Worship, July 26, 2020 When the Unimaginable has Happened


Sunday Worship, July 19, 2020 Unexpected Joy and Surprise

Sunday Worship, July 12, 2020 Unraveled by Uncertainty

Sunday Worship, July 6, 2020 Ambassadors for Christ?

Sunday Worship 6.28.2020 When Our Plans Unravel for those we Love

Sunday Worship 6.21.2020 When Dreams Unravel

Sunday Worship 6.14.2020 Seeking Understanding When Everything Has Fallen Apart

Sunday Worship 6.7.2020

Sunday Worship 5.31.2020 Pentecost

Sunday Worship 5.24.20 We Shall Be Changed! 

Sunday Worship 5.17.20-Love like a Wave, not like 90 Day Fiance

Sunday Worship 5.10.20-Chloe Needs Help- and So Do We

Sunday Worship 5.3.2020-Distracted by Shiny Objects

Sunday Worship 4.26.20-Stop, Look, and Listen

Sunday Worship 4.19.20- Easter- Certainty is Not Faith

Easter Sunday Worship 4.12.20-Good Friday Service: 4.10.20- A Telling of the Passion According to St. Mark

Facebook Live Worship 4.5.20-Palm Sunday- Entering into the Grief

Facebook Live Worship 3.29.20-Birth Pangs Lead to New Life

Holden Evening Prayer 3.25.20

Facebook Live Worship 3.22.20- Feeling Vulnerable

March 15, 2020- sermon and prayers

March 8, 2020- Flattening the Structure- Pastor Trudy

March 1, 2020- But I’m a Good Person!  – Pastor Trudy

Ash Wednesday 2020- I Want to Be Faithful Like That- Pastor Trudy

The book referred to in the Ash Wednesday sermon is ‘Dancing with Elephants’ by Jarem Sawatsky.

February 23, 2020- Leveling Up and Coming Down- Pastor Trudy

February 9, 2020- The Ugly Truth- Pastor Trudy

February 2, 2020- First Communion Students Reveal a Parallel Reality!  – Pastor Trudy

January 26, 2020- No Nice Way to Spin this One- Pastor Trudy

January 19, 2020- Let the Sower Sow- Pastor Trudy

January 12, 2020- You Will Walk Again- Pastor Trudy

January 5, 2020- Unclean Spirits in the Synagogue- Pastor Trudy

December 29, 2019- Falling in Love – Pastor Trudy

December 24, 2019- Remixing the Story- Pastor Trudy

December 22, 2019- Surprise!- Pastor Trudy

December 15, 2019- Getting Down to the Foundation- Pastor Trudy

December 8, 2019- In Between Spaces- Pastor Trudy

December 1, 2019- Tearing Down Our Own Houses- Pastor Trudy

November 24, 2019- One More King and Unconscious Bias- Pastor Trudy

November 17, 2019- Why do God’s faithful people suffer? – Pastor Trudy

November 10, 2019- Why God doesn’t just MAKE us do stuff- Pastor Trudy

November 3, 2019-Who needs fire from the sky when you have the saints?- Pastor Trudy

October 27, 2019- What God does with our divisions- Pastor Trudy

October 20, 2019- Answering the Confirmand’s BIG Questions (and ours)

October 13, 2019- Moments of Pure Grace- Pastor Trudy